About Ideenguru

IDEENGURU team slogan – Our inventions – your business innovation – hides an interesting story of challenges and learning that we as a team went through. Ideas that later become our inventions are born while solving various problems in life and at work.
We have a lot of solutions simply because we never stop creating, solving, inventing and living. We would like to share a piece of our lives and things that let us discover solutions to ease everyday routine. We would also like to show what is behind our process of inventing and so, without further ado, we introduce ourselves.

Ideenguru team

We are Loreta & Artūras, and together we are IDEENGURU – partners in business and in life. We are a happy family, living at the base of German Alps. Here the beauty of nature inspires our creativity and new ideas, which later become our inventions.
We personally build, fix and test all prototypes of our inventions and try them out in real life and work situations. Working together boosts our creativity and gives us more ideas and solutions for realizing them. We perfectly complete each other and as such, our partnership in work and life has become IDEENGURU – a platform to share our innovations.


Loreta loves to socialize and that paired with her unyielding drive to create and invent inspires to look for everyday miracles.
Loreta has a Master’s degree in Law and this profession helps her ensure that IDEENGURU inventions are all registered and patented.
Loreta Vengalienė
However, Loreta doesn’t limit herself just with her degree, but instead pushes herself to find new ways to use her experience in everyday invention process. Loreta also holds long years of experience in owning a business: while running her own bookstore, she wasn’t just a successful businesswoman, but also read the majority of books she sold.
That is how Loreta gained vast knowledge which today helps her generate many new ideas and invent new things that contribute to IDEENGURU.


Throughout his life, Artūras has always had an affinity for building and fixing things. Years of experience doing just that, paired with logical thinking gives Artūras everyday inspiration for invention.
Although Artūras is an electrical engineer by education, later in life he found a new, much more extreme pursuit – industrial climbing. This specialization has given him many opportunities to travel the world, participate in international projects, meet various, interesting people and solve many unique problems.
Artūras Vengalis
Many inventions came to Artūras after spending 30 years working in the industrial sector, from which 18 years he spent as an industrial climber. After a long time working in high altitude, as well as being an instructor of industrial climbing association – IRATA International – Artūras developed a big sense of responsibility for safety and lives of other people, working in high altitude.
Artūras has also organized and conducted many training sessions and consults for special forces and rescue organizations. The fact that these sessions and consults have been appreciated was made known through many personal and official words of gratitude from these organizations.
Artūras is also very familiar with owning his own business: for 6 years his company has been successfully providing resource preparation, project management and occupational safety services in various international projects all over the world.
With business experience, a specialization that he’s passionate about and an unyielding drive to solve problems and improve himself, Artūras is an indispensable, inspiring part of IDEENGURU team.
Together we are unstoppable. We hope that you also aim to be unstoppable! By choosing our
inventions, you will give yourself and your business a chance to gain an edge in the market.
Moreover, by choosing IDEENGURU you will also gain an opportunity to conserve Nature: most of our inventions can be made from recyclable or leftover materials and we encourage you to do just that.
Our Inventions
Your Business Innovation!