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My name is Loreta and welcome to my food blog Ideenguru.

Me and my lovely husband live in Germany, in Oberbayern region near Lake Chiemsee. Our household is also shared with three playful pets: a dog named Cody and two parrots: Fyfa and Gucci. We are surrounded by the Alps where we live and every day, nature inspires us to appreciate its beauty and gives us strength for work, creativity and various projects.

One of such creative projects is this blog. Here I share recipes that I create in my kitchen almost every day. The food I make is healthy, I use a lot of vegetables, together with fish and meat of highest quality, coming from local producers.

When I started cooking at home, at first, I only shared my recipes with my family. However, as time went on, I started writing down the dishes I created and eventually decided to share them with more people. That’s how Ideenguru was born. I hope that my recipes will help you find your way to healthier eating and discover creativity in your own kitchen.

Cooking healthy food wasn’t always a second nature to me. Many years ago, when I was only 2 years old, I got sick with bronchial asthma. While the progress of this disease was slow, it eventually culminated when I was 25.

No relief, promised by doctors, was possible and the risks of side effects from medication far outweighed the potential benefits. That was my break point. Not only did I change my eating habits radically, learned to cook healthy food but also went through a difficult fasting cycle. In 10 months, I the disease has been completely eradicated and I’m ecstatic about the results to this day. I achieved this with the support of my family and oversight of medical professionals, but also with a healthy, balanced diet.

This experience changed me and my attitude towards food. After fasting, my senses of taste and smell have strengthened so much that while even thinking about a dish in my mind, I can already smell and taste it in my mouth. I also began to search for healthy everyday food alternatives.

While learning more and more about cooking, I discovered new flavors, vegetarian and vegan recipe opportunities. When I started writing down my recipes, I got more and more creative cooking ideas.

Me and my husband taste all of my dishes and those that make it to the blog are of the highest quality and tastiest version. In cooking, esthetics are very important – a good looking dish can generate one’s appetite as much as its scent.

That is why I also decorate and photograph the food I make in my small studio, and the tastiest photos I post on this blog.

I truly hope that my experience can inspire you to look for healthier food alternatives and Ideenguru can become a source of that inspiration. Most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself! It’s much easier to take care of yourself that way. Also, don’t be shy and experiment! Change and improve my recipes, create your own and share your experiences! Love yourself!

Yours with Love,

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