A new and innovative kitchen tool

Kitchen is an integral part of our home, where we spend a lot of time. It’s also a place where we experience a lot of accidents and injuries, caused by use of knives, burns and other reasons. In 2018, a survey in France revealed that 57% of all home injuries happen in the kitchen. This injury percentage inspired us to contribute to the reduction and prevention of these accidents. That’s why we invented KitchenM8te.

What is KitchenM8te?

KitchenM8te is a type of chopping board, especially designed for fruits, vegetables and other products that are difficult to cut on classic chopping boards. These products can be pumpkins, a head of salad, cabbages, celery, watermelons, apples, pineapples and other products that slip easily, roll out from under the knife or are hard to handle.

How to use KitchenM8te?

The KitchenM8te chopping board can be of various shapes and sizes. The most important aspect of this board is holes, specifically designed to hold products in place. KitchenM8te can have two or three holes depending on the chosen size. Placing an oval shape product on one of the holes will keep it from rolling and keep it firmly in place while being cut.

KitchenM8te can be hung on the usual kitchen holders and hooks. It’s also easy to wash. KitchenM8te can be produced from wood or other materials, fit for kitchen use. 

This video perfectly illustrates how easy it is to use KitchenM8te:

What are the benefits of KitchenM8te?

KitchenM8te can be used in all kitchens: at home or in a professional setting. KitchenM8te can also be used by people with mobility issues.

Comfort – KitchenM8te is an intuitive tool, easily integrated into the kitchen inventory. KitchenM8te also has a comfortable hanging mechanism.

Prevention – KitchenM8te is made to protect the user from frequently occurring accidents in the kitchen.

Specialization – KitchenM8te is a highly specialized utensil, completely devoted to its intended task.

Information for producers

KitchenM8te can be made in various sizes and from various materials. One of our prototypes is made from wood: it’s size is 23cm in length and 10,5cm in width at the bottom, widest part. KitchenM8te is registered as a Community design in the European Union, in the household category, cutting boards subcategory.

If you are a producer, distributor or a vendor of kitchen equipment, we will be happy to discuss the possibility for you to purchase this design and add it to your portfolio or for your private label. Alternatively, we can discuss a licensing agreement for production and distribution of KitchenM8te for an agreed amount of time.

KitchenM8te surely works in reducing the number of accidents in the kitchen.

Don’t miss your chance to offer your customers a safe and reliable kitchen tool – KitchenM8te.

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