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A sports megaphone to cheer the best moments of the match!
A revolutionary convenient way to express the loudest, strongest emotions!

Portable and sturdy

Pipe4Fan megaphone is foldable. It can be produced using various waterproof materials. When twisted, the megaphone takes the shape of a cone and maintains this shape via two comfortable sleeves for fingers to hold the cone. When folded, the megaphone fits in a hand or in a bag.

Easy to produce

Pipe4Fan megaphone can come in a variety of sizes. Its shape is extremely convenient: easy to cut and store, not difficult at all to produce in large quantities. Depending on the materials chosen, the megaphone can be single-use or reusable.

Great sound amplification

Due to the cone shape, Pipe4Fan megaphone significantly increases the acoustic impedance of the sound. Inside the cone, the sound is isolated and released with greater force at the direction the megaphone is pointing.

Pipe4Fan use cases

  • Stadiums and venues – Pipe4Fan is an opportunity to sell megaphones as merchandise for the sporting event. They can be offered as replacements for the classic club or country flags and unrolled as needed.
  • Fan clubs – it’s possible to use the megaphone with club colors and markings.
  • Advertising purposes – the foldable megaphone creates an advertising space, where the game sponsor logos can be printed on.
  • Practical use – if the megaphone is made of water-resistant materials, it can be used as protection against the wind and rain or to cover wet seats.

Interested in Pipe4Fan?

Pipe4Fan is registered as a design with the European Intellectual Property Office and is valid throughout Europe.

Get a licence to produce Pipe4Fan megaphones​

We offer a long-term licence for the production of Pipe4Fan to manufacturers who want to add another great product to their portfolio. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

Get the rights to the Pipe4Fan megaphone’s design

If you want to buy the rights to the Pipe4Fan megaphone design that is registered with the EUIPO, we’re always open for a discussion regarding your offer. Contact us for the right to purchase the Pipe4Fan megaphone and to discuss the offer.

Pipe4Fan is the megaphone of every sports fan’s dream!

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