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The new generation of meters for the biggest measuring & drawing challenges

Zirkmeter is an integrated tool – both a compass and a meter in one. It helps you draw circles and copy contours of surfaces without additional tools.

The diameter of the standard compass is too small and the process of copying complex lines is inconvenient. These are problems familiar to many who work in construction and interior design. The Zirkmeter – a meter and a compass in one – solves both these problems.

For lines and circles

At first glance, the Zirkmeter looks and functions just like a classic folding meter. However, this meter also functions as a compass. It has special holes for inserting a pencil or a pen. After securing the center of the meter and inserting the writing instrument, you will be able to draw precise circles from 2cm to almost 4m in diameter.


For copying complex lines

The Zirkmeter’s design will make it easier to measure and draw complex lines. One end of the Zirkmeter is rounded – this shape is particularly suitable for copying wavy contours. The other end of the Zirkmeter is triangular – this shape also makes it easier to draw and copy various complex shapes.

Easy to use and produce

The Zirkmeter is portable, just like its classic version, and the advanced version is easy to use. In terms of production, Zirkmeter is very flexible: it can be made from a variety of materials, the number of holes, their position and tip shapes can be selected as needed.


Zirkmeter technical features and use

Zirkmeter can be made of wood, plastic, or other suitable materials, just like the classic model.
To take full advantage of Zirkmeter, all you need is a pencil or a pen.
Zirkmeter is perfect for builders, carpenters, interior designers.

Interested in Zirkmeter?

The Zirkmeter is currently patented and registered as a utility model in Germany. The Zirkmeter design is also registered with EUIPO and this registration is valid throughout Europe.

Purchase a license to manufacture Zirkmeter.

We offer long-term Zirkmeter manufacturing licenses to manufacturers who want to add another great product to their portfolio.

Purchase the rights to the intellectual property of Zirkmeter.

We are always open to discussions about the possibility of acquiring the EUIPO-registered design and the utility model registered in Germany.

Take on all the measuring and drawing challenges with Zirkmeter!

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