Allhook – a solution for a tidy inventory

About Alhook

Allhook is a modern innovation on a traditional hook design that aids in establishing and upkeeping inventory order.
The hook can be produced from strong, yet light materials and together with carabines or rope can be used in variety of daily situations – the only limit is your imagination.
At construction sites, home environment or even outdoors – there is no longer a need for expensive, complicated, difficult to implement solutions.
A single, universal and simple solution is enough and that solution is Allhook.

Quality and reliability

Allhook can be hung almost anywhere and as such, almost everything can be hung on it. That is possible due to its reliable, high-quality design, as well as flexible production possibilities.
  • Allhook invention was born after 30 years of work experience in construction industry. From which 18 years were spent in industrial climbing.
  • Allhook can be produced from hard plastic or aluminum. These materials are light, yet strong. A hook made from them is strong enough to support exceptionally heavy items, yet light enough to not hinder mobility at work or outdoor trekking.
  • Carabines with rope or any other woven material attached to the hook allow hanging the Allhook on a railing in vertical, horizontal or any other position.
  • This invention is registered in EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Organization – and has design protection all over Europe.

Universal usage

Due to its exceptional design, Allhook is a multipurpose and universally applicable tool, which can be useful in construction industry, at home or for outdoor activities.
  • At construction sites – Allhook can be hung from the ladder for easy access to the dye bucket when painting in high places. Hanging Allhook from scaffolding provides easy access to bags of tools, large wires, cables, spotlights and other necessary equipment.
  • At home – in the garden, garage or pantry – Allhook can support bicycles, water hoses, packed winter clothing, backpacks and many other items that are out of place.
  • Outdoors – hanging Allhook on a tree by the rope allows holding of full backpacks, flasks, towels, lanterns, trash bags and other camping equipment.
  • In exhibition halls – while building the stands, with Allhook it’s possible to hand and keep tidy all electric cables, chains, various devices and other necessary inventory.

Keep your inventory tidy

If you are looking for new innovations to add to your retail or production assortment, Allhook may be exactly what you need.
Give your business an edge
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