A convenient solution to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road

It‘s a well-known fact that the driving speed on Deutche Bahn is very high. Every year, around 140 people die in segments where there aren‘t any speed limits. To make the journey safer for yourself and others, we recommend using SpeedLight. It‘s a new invention, meant for all types of cars.

What is SpeedLight?

SpeedLight is an LED strip, meant to warn the driver ahead about another car incoming at a high speed from behind. That way, the driver ahead will be warned to not change lanes or will have enough time to cross into a safer lane. 

How is SpeedLight used?

SpeedLight strip is attached at the front bumper of the car, under the registration number plate.

SpeedLight works automatically: the LED strip turns on when the car reaches the speed of 140km/h. The length of the LED light will inform the driver ahead of approximately how fast the car is incoming. The longer the light strip – the faster the speed. When the driver accelerates, the LED strip lights up additional segments. The strip lights up fully when the car has reached 201km/h and more. 

Reducing the speed bellow 140km/h will automatically cause the LED strip to turn off.

What are the advantages of using SpeedLight?

Safety – SpeedLight helps to ensure the safety of the driver, the passengers and other road users.

Convenience – SpeedLight is easy to install and can be used on all types of cars.

Specialization – SpeedLight is created and registered as a Useful Model in Germany and addresses the needs of local drivers.

SpeedLight can be used on all types of cars. It‘s meant for drivers who regularly use Autobahn.

Information for producers

SpeedLight can be produced in various sizes. It can be installed in cars while on the production line. Alternatively, it can also be produced as a car part. In this case, it‘s essential to inform the buyer or the car maintenance on the best ways to install SpeedLight.

SpeedLight can be mounted with various devices for instant speed setting. It can be a speedometer, navigation, mobile phone with the function of speed tracking and other devices. 

SpeedLight can be connected to these devices through its motherboard using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cable connection and other ways. 

If you‘re a producer of cars or their parts and are looking to offer your clients additional value, don‘t hesitate and pick SpeedLight!

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