Innovative protection for cargo belts

Increase cargo safety and fastening belt strength with CargoBelt protection!

Cargo security – any transportation by land, water or air is a real challenge. It is necessary to take care not only of the speed of delivery, but also to ensure the safety of the cargo. Cargo safety is influenced not only by the condition of the roads or the mode of transportation, but also by the methods of loading and securing cargo.

That is why we developed CargoBelt protection. It’s a functional protector, designed to secure not only the cargo but also the load-securing belts from friction and breakage.

The protector is designed so as not to damage the load, making it particularly suitable for transporting sensitive, breakable or dangerous goods. The protector can be extended, thickened and widened based on the type of cargo being transported. CargoBelt protection takes up little space, is compact, lightweight and slim.

Wide range of applications – CargoBelt protection can be used with any cargo belts. Depending on the size and type of load and the required belt parameters, CargoBelt protection can be used in combination with foam tape, further reducing friction.

Innovative design – CargoBelt protection is a truly innovative solution. Thanks to the professionally selected materials, the belt fits perfectly to the belt, which protects against friction and does not slip.

  • The slick and strong Teflon membrane (PTFE) protects the belt from friction, especially when tightened around sharp corners of the load. The membrane ensures cargo stability throughout the journey.
  • The PVC membrane on the inside of the protector provides grip on the load.
  • An additional thick rubber PVC membrane makes the protector even more durable.
  • The protector attaches to the belt with an elastic rubber cord and two velcro straps. With these cords and straps, the protector can be easily fastened on any part of the belt.
  • If required, the protector can be used with foam tape, providing even more softness and reducing friction.

A truly practical solution to protect your cargo

CargoBelt protection was developed based on long-term, practical work experience. It’s a very practical solution not only for the protection of cargo and belts, but also for ropes, carbines, electric cables and industrial slings.

CargoBelt protection applications

Transportation of non-standard cargo. Some of the most complex and dangerous cargo are non-standard, difficult-to-load items. Such cargo is extremely expensive, requiring additional safety measures. CargoBelt protection is especially useful here for protecting tight belts and loads from friction.

CargoBelt protection is especially suitable for transporting ships or yachts, expensive music equipment (e.g. grand pianos, stage equipment, etc.). CargoBelt protection ensures safety when transporting antique furniture and heavy household appliances. It is also suitable for securing motorcycles and cars, modular houses and extremely large loads, such as tractors, windmill parts, construction or industrial equipment, etc.

Transportation of heavy loads with sharp angles. Probably one of the biggest challenges for all cargo belts. Sharp load corners increase the risk of belt failure, making CargoBelt protection an absolute necessity.

The protector can be used for transporting metal structures, double-glazed windows, scaffolding and other similar loads.

CargoBelt protection is also indispensable for standard cargo transportation. It’s suitable for the safety of containers, concrete structures, boxes and pallets.

Guaranteed quality – CargoBelt protection design is registered with EUIPO. This only confirms the benefits of CargoBelt protection. It’s a long-lasting solution that reduces the amount of belts you buy and thus saves natural resources and reduces your company’s expenses.

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